Teaching Aids

March 17, 2017

PTA: Chronic Lower Back Pain

Over 80% of Americans will experience some degree of lower back pain at least once in their lifetime, and OTC and prescription pain medications can provide some relief. View a video about chronic lower back pain.
February 16, 2017

Patient Teaching Aid: Arrhythmia

In arrhythmia, the heart beats too fast, too slowly, or randomly. View a new PTA Video about arrhythmia.
January 19, 2017

Patient Teaching Aid: Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is usually inherited, but it sometimes develops spontaneously. View a new PTA Video about MD.
December 16, 2016

Patient Teaching Aid: Heartburn

Occasional heartburn is usually self-treated with nonprescription antacids or OTC acid blockers.

November 17, 2016


These agents are the most frequently prescribed antidepressants; many are also approved for anxiety disorders.

October 14, 2016

Central Venous Catheters and IV Ports

Central venous catheters and ports are useful when IV therapy or repeated access to a vein is required over an extended period of time.
September 16, 2016

Ovarian Cysts

There are several different types of ovarian cysts, but functional cysts, which form at the time of ovulation, are by far the most common.
August 18, 2016

Diabetes Insipidus

Diabetes insipidus is a condition with the hallmark symptoms of intense thirst and excessive urination.
July 14, 2016


Vaping is offered as an alternative to smoking, but safety concerns exist.
June 16, 2016

Autoimmune Disease

An autoimmune disease occurs when the body’s immune system starts attacking its own healthy cells.


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