During the Opening General Session, President Nicki Hilliard will describe how the association is transforming to meet members’ individual needs and those of the profession. In addition, she will discuss the American Pharmacists Association's (APhA’s) strong commitment to pharmacist and pharmacy personnel wellbeing and resilience. With a program that is designed to educate and inspire, and many opportunities to connect with influential leaders and colleagues, attendees will find that Moving Pharmacy Forward is ingrained in everything that’s happening at APhA2019 as they shape pharmacy’s future together.

APhA is members’ ally to empower positive personal, professional, and health-system changes. President Hilliard recognizes that we cannot let the challenge of moving the profession forward keep us from capitalizing on today’s opportunities for our lives, our profession, and our patients. She is optimistic about our path and proud of those who implemented her presidential charge. Pharmacists have truly gone the extra mile to provide patient care, embrace team-based care, and live up to the profession’s significance in patient and public health.

During the Second General Session on Sunday, March 24, President-elect Brad Tice will discuss how powerful telling your story is for your own personal advancement and that of the profession. Tice is a living example of how APhA has positively impacted his personal and professional development, and he hopes that hearing his story helps others find their own path. He will also share stories of pharmacists enhancing their significance in patients’ lives and serving as examples of what pharmacists are and can do.

President-elect Tice will also discuss his belief that every pharmacist should be a member of APhA, and how through engagement with APhA they are part of a vital community that will lead to enhanced and meaningful opportunities for themselves and the profession. His call to action is for members to tell their stories and to weave APhA into those stories.

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