Medi-Dose customers using MILT 3.0 to create labels can already design them onscreen using colors, fonts, images, and bar codes of their choosing. They can now add free auxiliary images to their designs. Common dispensing information and warnings (such as "Refrigerate," "Shake Well," and "Sound-Alike/Look-Alike") can easily be incorporated into any MILT-supported label. Free auxiliary images are available on Medi-Dose's support page,, where those who are not currently using MILT 3.0 can also download a fully functional demo version.

"Our new Auxiliary Images are a natural extension of the capabilities we have designed into our software," said Bob Braverman, director of marketing, Medi-Dose, Ivyland, Pennsylvania. "Every hospital, pharmacy and packaging operation has unique requirements. Our tools and products are designed to help them customize and manage solutions that are cost-effective and easy to maintain. Periodically, more Auxiliary Images will be made available."