US Pharm. 2010;35(10):HS-32. 

Selenium, a common mineral that is incorporated into approximately 25 proteins called selenoproteins, may provide protection against bladder cancer. According to results of a study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, selenium intake is associated with decreased risk of bladder cancer. Using meta-data from previously published studies, researchers examined selenium levels found in serum and toenails and the risk of bladder cancer.

“The lower the levels of selenium, the higher the risk of developing bladder cancer,” said lead researcher Núria Malats, MD, PhD, leader of the Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Group, Human Cancer Genetics Program, Spanish National Cancer Research Center. The researchers found a strong positive effect of selenium, mainly among women. This is thought to be due to gender-specific differences in accumulation and excretion of the mineral.