LifeChek pharmacies in Texas recently installed Kirby Lester KL16 counting/verification devices to partner with existing robotic dispensers. Utilized in 13 of the busiest locations of this independent chain, the KL16 helps achieve the company's goal of a 100% verification process. Bruce Gingrich, owner of LifeChek, has made accuracy a top priority and feels that the KL16 has been "the perfect complement to our robots in some of our pharmacies, and the perfect, inexpensive alternative to robotics in our lower-volume stores." On average, the KL16 costs only $8 to $10 per day to operate, versus $12 an hour for a robotic device.

Prescription oral solids, tablets/capsules, and unit of use medications can be counted and verified in less than 4 seconds using the KL16. The device uses bar code scanning, biometric sign-on, and onscreen drug images to automate processing and does not have moving parts or cassettes.

Improved efficiency also translates into better customer service. Using the KL16 has freed up pharmacists' time so they can concentrate more on their customers. According to David King, lead pharmacist at LifeChek in Houston, Texas, "The KL16 saves stress, time, and money. I am relieved that every order is now verified with technology."