Ivyland, PA–Summer 2023–With competing concerns for both patient safety and cost containment, there is increased interest in unit-dosing ointments. Using the same tube of ointment for multiple patients, particularly outside of the controlled environment of the pharmacy, could be problematic. At the same time, dedicating an entire tube of ointment to one patient could be cost prohibitive.

Building on their over 50 years’ experience in the field, Medi-Dose is pleased to announce the release of its new Lid-Label Covers specifically designed for packaging ointments. These newly engineered labels enable you to unit-dose ointment in all the same Medi-Cup Blisters pharmacists have always trusted with their solid meds. Customers using MILT software can easily print and package ointments to USP Class “A” standards just as quickly as they already do now for their solid meds.

“We’re always working to improve the medication packaging experience for pharmacists”, says Robert Braverman, President of Medi-Dose.  “Now, all the features and benefits of the Medi-Dose packaging system have been extended to these hard-to-package dosage forms. Our new line of Ointment Lid-Label Covers demonstrates our commitment to helping pharmacists maximize the efficiency of their practice while consistently maintaining the safety of their patients and personnel.”

For more information on the Lid-Label Covers for Ointments and Medi-Dose, visit www.medidose.com.