Atlanta—The prevalence of illness attributable to vaccine-preventable diseases is greater among adults aged 19 years or older than among children aged 12 years and younger, primarily because of successful childhood vaccination programs, a new study points out. Estimated influenza vaccination coverage for the 2014–15 influenza season were 58.9% for 2014 and 55.2% for 2015, according to a new report from the CDC. About 55.2% received recommended vaccines other than influenza. The analysis in the Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report notes that coverage for all vaccines for adults remained low, although modest gains occurred in vaccination coverage in some groups for influenza, pneumonia, Tdap, herpes zoster, and hepatitis B. Only the 30% Healthy People 2020 target for herpes zoster vaccination was met, however. CDC researchers also report that racial/ethnic disparities persist for routinely recommended adult vaccines.

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