Boston—Coronary stenting patients on dual antiplatelet therapy for at least a year after the procedure still faced ischemic events and, less frequently, bleeding risks, a JAMA Cardiology study reports. Massachusetts General Hospital–led researchers point out that both events were associated with high risk of mortality. The results were based on secondary analysis of the Dual Antiplatelet Therapy (DAPT) Study and focused on how often patients died after either ischemic or bleeding events and how long the risk of death persisted after those events. In the recent study, 11% of the 478 individuals who experienced an ischemic event died over 21 months, representing a 0.5% incidence of death among the more than 11,600 DAPT participants randomized at the end of the first year. Among the 232 participants who experienced a bleeding event, 18% died, and the cumulative incidence of death following a bleeding event was 0.3% among all randomized participants.

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