A number of ASHP Midyear 2020 Clinical Meeting & Exhibition sessions, including live as well as home-study educational and networking events, will tackle important pharmaceutical-compounding issues. On-demand educational sessions, for example, include “Targeting Success with USP Compounding Standards <795>, <797>, and <800>” (1.50 credit hours), which will examine the current U.S. Pharmacopeia General Chapter <795> regulations.

U.S. Pharmacopeia General Chapter <795> addresses extemporaneous compounding of pharmaceuticals and defines good compounding practices. The complexity of compounding guidance, however, can be difficult for pharmacy staff to adhere to, especially those who do not perform extemporaneous compounding on a routine basis. In addition, the compounder has the responsibility for preparing, packaging, labeling, and dispensing the compound in accordance with a valid prescription.

The compounder must know about the requirements of USP <795> as well as many other compounding laws, guidelines, and standards. Documentation, for example, is critically important, and USP <795> advises on specific required documentation to ensure that compounding processes meet the quality intended in the regulation.
Virtual meeting registrants can also benefit from an on-demand management case study in the COVID-19 Home-Study track titled “COVID-19: Shifting From Patient-Specific Sterile Compounding to Batching as a Strategy to Build Resilience” (0.50 credit hours).

In addition, meeting registrants can learn from “Sterile Compounding: Benchmarking and Improving Your Practice” (1.50 credit hours), and there is a live Compounding Practice Networking Session taking place from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Monday, December 7.

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