US Pharm
. 2010;35(10):8. 

Stockholm, Sweden
—According to an international survey, more than one in three patients with diabetes fail to take their insulin as prescribed. The Global Attitudes of Patients and Physicians in Insulin Therapy (GAPP) survey, which was funded by Novo Nordisk, was conducted in eight countries with 2,780 respondents (1,250 physicians and 1,530 patients). It was designed to uncover the challenges patients and physicians are facing in obtaining effective outcomes in insulin therapy. The survey revealed that busy lifestyles, difficulty in adhering to prescribed regimens, and fear of hypoglycemia are key contributing factors to poor glycemic control. It also found that 67% of patients feel that diabetes has controlled their life since starting insulin, while a third of physicians are dissatisfied with the ability of current regimens to fit into patients’ lifestyles.

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