Consult Your Pharmacist

Advising Patients About Sinus Infections, 4:8

Counseling Patients With Ingrown Toenail, 6:12

Examining Nonprescription Options for Heartburn, 12:8

Link Between Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Disease, The, 2:15

Pediatric Fungal Infections, 5:8

Philanthropic Pharmacy: Helping Patients in Need, 10:8

Preventing Abuse and Addiction With Nonprescription Products, 11:12

Proper Use of Nonprescription Nasal Sprays, 7:8

Safe Self-Treatment of Headaches, 3:6

Self-Care of Rhinitis During Pregnancy, 9:16

Understanding and Relieving Restless Legs Syndrome, 1:8

Urinary Tract and Kidney Warnings on Nonprescription Products, 8:12


Contemporary Compounding

Adderall 1 mg/mL Oral Liquid, 11:54

Amitriptyline HCl 2%, Ketamine HCl 1%, and Lidocaine HCl 5% in PLO Gel, 3:62

Amlodipine 1 mg/mL Oral Liquid, 2:55

Cefadroxil 50 mg/mL Oral Suspension, 4:80

Estradiol 0.25 mg and Estrone 0.25 mg Troches, 9:61

Fingernail Psoriasis Gel, 10:52

Foot Care Emollient and Anti-infective, 6:54

Gentamicin, Neomycin, and Polymyxin B Bladder Irrigation, 8:54

H2 Antagonist Oral Solution, Alcohol Free, 12:72

Hydroxyzine Pamoate 5 mg/mL Oral Suspension, 5:57

Piroxicam 40 mg Troches, 1:62

Ribavirin 33 mg/mL Sterile Inhalation Solution, 7:44


Continuing Education

Clinical Management of Peptic Ulcer Disease, 12:74*

Current Pharmacologic and Complementary Therapies for Tourette Syndrome, 1:64*

Drug-Drug Interactions Involving Pain Medications, 3:65*

Electronic Cigarettes: Potential Risks and Benefits, 7:49*

Influenza Vaccine in Children and Adults With Egg Allergy, 4:83*

Lithium Toxicity: Risk Factors, Monitoring, and Management, 11:64*

Management of Menopausal Symptoms, 9:63*

Nonstimulant Agents for the Treatment of ADHD in Children, 5:59*

Off-Label Drug Use and Promotion, 10:55*

Overview of HIV Management and Treatment, 6:57*

Review of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, 2:62*

Review of Nonneurogenic Overactive Bladder, 8:62*


Diagnostic Spotlight

MiniMed 530G: The First Artificial Pancreas, 4:21

PAS Alcovisor Satellite: A New Device for Measuring Alcohol Intoxication, 1:24



Acute Management of Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease, 8:56

Acute Pericarditis Treatment: Update on Colchicine, 4:52

Adult ADHD: Treatment of a Grown-up Disorder, 1:52

Ammonium Lactate–Containing Moisturizers: A Systematic Review, 11:46

Anaphylaxis, Epinephrine Auto-Injectors, and Importance of the BX Rating, 4:44

Androgen Therapy in Women, 8:42

Antidepressant Treatment Concerns and Recommendations for Avoiding Adverse Events, 11:34

Antiepileptic Drugs and Contraception, 1:39

Cardiovascular Risk Associated With NSAIDs and COX-2 Inhibitors, 3:35

Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, 10:33

Corns and Calluses: Overview of Common Keratotic Lesions, 6:47

Deep Venous Thrombosis: The “Economy Class Syndrome,” 7:39

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, 7:35

Drug-Induced Neurologic Conditions, 1:47

Drug-Induced Urinary Incontinence, 8:24

Ebola Virus Disease: Understanding the Current Outbreak, 12:33

Gender Differences in Pharmacokinetics, 9:40

Guillain-Barré Syndrome, 1:35

Heart Disease in Women: Different Than in Men?, 9:51

Identifying and Treating Migraines in Children, 3:56

Influenza: Optimizing Prevention and Treatment Strategies, 7:19

Managing Gestational Diabetes: The Clinical Pharmacist’s Role in a Patient-Centered Medical Home Model, 9:56

Medication and Supplement Use in Celiac Disease, 12:44

Metabolic Syndrome: Risk Factors and Recommendations, 2:51

New Changes in Pregnancy and Lactation Labeling, 10:40

New Drug Review 2014, 10:20

Onychomycosis: Clinical Considerations and Recommendations, 6:34

Opioid Dosing in Renal and Hepatic Impairment, 8:34

Overview and Management of Anxiety Disorders, 11:56

Overview of Adult Outpatient Cancer Pain Management, 3:44

Pediatric Hypertension, 2:57

Pneumococcal Vaccination: Optimizing Preventive Strategies and Reducing Disease Burden, 4:23

Respiratory Syncytial Virus: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Management of Complications, 7:31

Role of Probiotics in Children With Gastrointestinal Disease, The, 5:22

Screening and Treatment of Pediatric Dyslipidemias, 5:52

Target-Specific Oral Anticoagulants, 4:69

Treating Prostatitis Effectively: A Challenge for Clinicians, 4:35

Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome, 11:38

Update on the Management of Clostridium difficile Infection, 12:50

Update on the Management of Pediatric Acute Otitis Media, 7:27

Varicella-Zoster Virus Infection in Children and Adolescents, 5:39


Patient Teaching Aids

Allergy Immunotherapy, 10:13

Athlete’s Foot, 6:17

Blood Pressure Reading, 2:29

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, 11:17

Osteoarthritis, 3:13

Pediatric Thermometry, 5:13

Probiotics, 12:13

Pneumonia, 4:13

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, 7:13

Transient Ischemic Attack, 1:13

Urinary Tract Infection, 8:17

Uterine Fibroids, 9:25


Pharmacy Law

HIPAA Privacy Rights and Lawsuits, 7:46

New Rules for Compounding Drug Products, 2:40

OTC Liability for Pharmacists, 12:61

Privacy and Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, 5:44

Self-Defense and Employment Law, 10:48


Senior Care

Academic Detailing: Accurate, Relevant, Balanced, and Engaging, 10:16

Borderline Personality Disorder in Late Life: A Medication Adherence Variable, 11:25

Fecal Transplantation for Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection, 12:20

Geriatric Emergency Departments: The Pharmacist’s Role, 5:18

Head Injury and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, 1:20

Hepatitis C Alert: Baby Boomers Should Be Tested, 4:18

Mechanical Heart Valves: Contraindication for Dabigatran Therapy, 2:32

Metatarsophalangeal Osteoarthritis: Pain in the Big Toe Joint, 6:31

Metrics to Define and Measure Quality Pain Management, 3:18

Recognizing Causes of Dyspnea to Prevent Hospital Admissions, 7:16

Risk Factors for Endometrial Cancer: Obesity, Hypertension, and Diabetes, 9:30

Urinary Incontinence: Urologic and Medication Etiologies in Seniors, 8:20



Electromedical Modalities in Pain Management, 3:22

Interoperability: Sharing and Interpreting Data With Health Information Technology, 11:50

Opportunities for Health Information Technology in Clinical Neurology, 1:HS-18

Technology and Adolescent Health, 5:35



Ambulatory Care Visits for Digestive Diseases, 12:26

Cardiac Procedures During Short-Stay Hospitalizations, 2:74

COPD and Asthma Among Medicare Beneficiaries, 7:7

Diabetic Foot Complications, 6:56

FDA Review Designations for New Molecular Entities, 10:54

Incidence of Gynecologic Cancers, 9:11

Key Health Indicators in Children, 5:7

Nonmedical Psychotherapeutic Drug Use Among Mentally Ill Patients, 11:11

Prescription Pain Medication Overdoses in the United States, 3:26

Ramifications of Kidney Transplantation, 8:11

Spasticity as a Comorbid Neurologic Condition, 1:74

Trends in MRSA Prevalence, 4:6



Diabetes & Pharmaceutical Care, October

Correlation Between Depression and Diabetes, The

Diabetes in the Older Adult: Recommendations for Glycemic Control

Generic Drug Review, June

Breakthrough Therapy and the Hatch-Waxman Act

Closer Look at Generic Interchangeability in Narrow Therapeutic Index Drugs, A

Generic Drugs and Healthcare Policy

Generic Oncology Drug Shortages

Overview of Generic Statins, Their Evidence, and Costs, An

Real Impact of Counterfeit Medications, The


Pharmacy & Technology, August

Harnessing Data for Healthy Outcomes

Safe Handling of Chemotherapy for Pharmacists

Safety of Automated Dispensing Systems


Specialty Pharmacy, Oncology & Hematology

Clinical Management of Pancreatic Cancer, The, September:Epub

Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitors and Skin Rash, January

Management of Pituitary Tumors: Focus on Carcinomas, May

Multiple Myeloma: An Overview of the Disease and Treatment Options, January

Night Shift Work and the Risk of Breast Cancer, May

Novel Antitumor Benefit of Metformin: Beyond Glycemic Control, September:Epub

Prevention of Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting, March:Epub

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Aggressive New Treatment Guidelines, November

Specialty Pharmacy: Rheumatoid Arthritis Pharmacotherapy Review, March:Epub

Tuberculosis: Current Treatments and Investigational Therapies, July

Update on the Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease, An, July

Utility of FLT3 Inhibitors in Acute Myeloid Leukemia, The, November


Health Systems Edition


Acetaminophen Toxicity: What Pharmacists Need to Know, 3:HS-2

Acute Hospital Management of Spinal Cord Injuries in Adults, 1:HS-6

Buprenorphine Transdermal Patch: An Overview for Use in Chronic Pain, 10:HS-16

Cardiac Catheterization: A Review for Pharmacists, 2:HS-13

Cardiotoxicity of Cancer-Related Drug Therapies, The, 2:HS-2

Catching Your Breath: Managing COPD Exacerbations, 7:HS-9

Comparison of Methohexital and Propofol Anesthesia in Electroconvulsive Therapy: The Ideal Agent, 2:36

Congenital and Acquired Long QT Syndrome: A Pharmacist’s Perspective, 5:47

Contribution to Breast Cancer Prevention for Women: A Challenge for Pharmacists, 9:35

Controversies in Using IV Azithromycin to Treat Gastroparesis, 12:HS-13

Epidural Anesthesia During Labor and Delivery, 3:HS-11

Gastrointestinal Protective Therapy Post Atrial Fibrillation Catheter Ablation, 12:HS-2

Infection in Kidney Transplantation, 8:HS-10

Inpatient With Dementia, The, 11:HS-18

Liver Cirrhosis: A Review, 12:HS-18

Management of Acute Diabetic Foot Disease, 6:HS-2

Management of Hepatitis C Genotype 1 Monoinfection, 4:75

Management of Occupational Exposure to HIV, 4:HS-18

New Cholesterol Treatment Guideline: Implications for Pharmacy Practice, 6:HS-8

Nonpsychotropic Medication-Induced Psychosis, 11:HS-8

Pain Management in Dementia, 3:39

Pediatric Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome, 5:HS-2

Pharmacology of Shunt Infections, 4:HS-2

Prevention and Management of Respiratory Viruses, 7:HS-2

Psychopathy: A Review for the Pharmacist, 11:HS-29

Reversal of Newer Anticoagulants in Acute Hemorrhagic Stroke, 1:HS-2

Review of Selected NMEs 2014, 10:HS-2

Tardive Dyskinesia: A Distressing Drug-Induced Movement Disorder, 1:HS-13

Transitions of Care: Pharmacist Collaboration at a Community Teaching Hospital, 5:HS-10

Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus, 8:HS-3

Vasectomy: Anesthesia and Postoperative Pain Control, 9:HS-2

Viral Meningitis: An Overview, 4:HS-13


In-Service Primers

Hypotension: A Clinical Care Review, 2:2


Pharmacy Focus

Acute Pancreatitis: A Medical Emergency, 12:HS-27

Cellulitis: A Clinical Review, 9:HS-8

Foot Pain Etiology: An Overview, 6:HS-12

Renal Disease and Nutritional Considerations, 8:48


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