US Pharm
. 2017;42(2):26.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands—According to a new systematic review and meta-analysis, low-dose aspirin may reduce the risk of spontaneous preterm birth in pregnant women at risk for preeclampsia. Results from more than 27,000 women who had participated in 17 randomized trials were analyzed to compare low-dose aspirin with placebo/no treatment. Women who received low-dose aspirin were at lower risk of having a spontaneous birth before 37 weeks’ gestation (relative risk [RR], 0.93) and before 34 weeks (RR, 0.86) than were women on placebo/no treatment. Preterm delivery is a leading cause of adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes, and any intervention to reduce its rate is very helpful. Additional research is also being conducted on the effect of aspirin on recurrent cases.

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