US Pharm. 32(11)77-78.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University report in the online Journal of Pediatrics that by the time American children are four years old, they are generally deficient in the consumption of dairy products.

According to Sibylle Kranz, PhD, RD, of Pennsylvania State University, and colleagues, the report is not encouraging, as many children consume high-fat varieties of dairy products.

The investigators wrote that "this intake pattern is reason for concern, because whole milk consumption does not provide additional nutritional benefits over nonfat milk consumption, although it has a higher total energy density."

Dr. Kranz said that replacing high-fat milk products has not been shown to prevent childhood obesity. The researchers pointed out that nondairy products, such as fortified orange juice and soy, contain calcium. However, this calcium is less bioavailable, and therefore the consumption of dairy products is preferred.

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