US Pharm. 2012;37(4):2.

On the occasion of her seventh birthday, I recently had the pleasure of escorting my granddaughter to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I hadn’t visited any of the Disney properties in a good 30 years. While each venue was distinctly different in the entertainment value it delivered, there was a very clear commonality in all their management styles. It was remarkable to me that so many people seemed happy despite the fact that the parks are expensive and crowded, and that it is not unusual to wait up to an hour to get onto a 5-minute ride. I thought perhaps today’s pharmacy owners could take a lesson or two from Disney.

For years, retailers have tried to explain what makes Disney so successful and how this success can be replicated. In the simplest terms, I suppose, the answer is to give people what they want and be the best at it. But I think I have cracked the code; these 10 points are something I’m fond of calling The Disney Pharmacy Solution.

So put those “ears” on and get to work. You may not be providing amusements, but you are providing the gift of life, and I can’t think of anything else that puts such a big smile on people’s faces. 

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