PAR3 Communications and Vitality, Inc. have joined forces to provide retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and health system administrators with a new approach to improving medication adherence.

GlowCaps, designed to replace standard pill bottle caps, are integrated into Vitality's proprietary network and use low-cost wireless technology to continuously monitor patients' dosing behavior. To use GlowCaps, patients plug the GlowCaps Nitelite into any power socket in their home. The GlowCaps pill cap then communicates wirelessly with the Nitelite to provide a glowing visual reminder when pills need to be taken. If doses are missed, the pill cap glows brighter and more insistent.

If further intervention is needed, interactive motivational, instructive, and diagnostic voice or text messages are delivered to patients or caregivers through PAR3's advanced communication solutions. GlowCaps also mails a monthly health report to patients for motivational purposes and submits refill requests to pharmacies before prescriptions run out.

"By addressing dosing behavior in real time, rather than weeks after a compliance lapse, we can improve patient health, while reducing the rising costs associated with nonadherence," said Dr. Michael Ross, Vice President of Healthcare at PAR3. PAR3 and Vitality's integrated GlowCaps will be available by early 2007.