US Pharm. 2008;33(9):47-50.

To facilitate compliance with newly instituted U.S. regulations for medical waste that prohibit the disposal of sharps in household trash, Medical Innovations, Inc., has developed the Medical Waste Machine. The machine, which comes with a disposable sharps container, converts regulated medical waste to ordinary, nonregulated waste directly on the premises. The waste, which is reduced in size by about 75%, may then be disposed of in an ordinary trash receptacle. The customer can take the filled container to his or her pharmacist and receive a new, empty container. The Medical Waste Machine is also an excellent way for in-store pharmacy health clinics to dispose of their regulated medical waste. Because no material leaves the pharmacy or clinic as regulated medical waste, the disposal system eliminates costly hauling charges and potential liability. The machine, which costs $1,897, also may be purchased on a lease-to-own basis.

The Medical Waste Machine is an innovative alternative to medical waste hauling. The medical community has called this system an advance in medical technology and cost containment for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and their patients. By saving money, eliminating liability, cutting down on paperwork, and improving the environment, the Medical Waste Machine offers distinct advantages over medical waste carriers.

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