In a recent press release, Pharmavite, the manufacturer of Nature Made, announced the launch of a line of 13 scientifically curated health products marketed as Wellblends. The line of Wellblends products is formulated to aid in maintaining the wellness cycle of sleep, stress, and immune health, as well as balance needed to live a healthier life.

The manufacturer indicated that Nature Made Wellblends were created to support the complex interplay between sleep, stress, and immune health, with curated solutions targeted to specific needs. These products are supported by science and informed by the needs of consumers.

Understanding the challenges consumers face in balancing their wellness cycle, scientists at Nature Made refined the dose of each carefully selected ingredient included in the Wellblends portfolio to address specific needs—whether trying to proactively support the immune system, looking for help focusing throughout the day, or wanting a restful night of sleep.

Sleep. Everyone has unique needs when it comes to sleep. The Nature Made Wellblends range of sleep products are curated with ingredients to address specific sleep issues—from falling back to sleep to staying asleep longer and everything in between.

Stress. Stress affects everyone differently. Nature Made Wellblends includes targeted blends to help diminish stress, build up mental and physical energy or find focus.

Immune Health. The immune system is the first line of defense and supports general wellbeing. The Nature Made Wellblends immune health products are available in various forms to deliver a curated blend of key immune support nutrients to aid in keeping individuals feeling their best.

Rhonda Hoffman, chief marketing officer at Pharmavite, stated, "Over the past two years consumers have placed an even greater focus on health and wellness than ever before, with a clear emphasis on sleep, stress and immune health. Rooted in the intersection of the scientific and consumer insight that these areas of our health are not only deeply connected but critical in achieving overall wellness, Nature Made Wellblends offers consumers a unique set of science-based solutions that can be tailored to their specific needs."

Nature Made Wellblends are available in a variety of formulations including capsules, gummies, powders, and fast dissolves. These products are available at Target, Amazon, and, and will be available at major retailers nationwide. To learn more about Nature Made Wellblends products, visit

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