Anhydrous bases have long been used by compounding pharmacists to create customized medications for patients with specific needs. Anhydrous bases are the “building blocks” of compounded drugs, laying the groundwork for the active ingredients that are added to them. These bases do not contain any water, which is significant because water can interact with certain compounds and change their properties, making it difficult to achieve consistent results in compounded medications. Anhydrous bases also have a longer shelf life than water-based bases, which can degrade because of bacterial growth and other factors over time.

For many years, pharmacists had a limited selection of anhydrous bases for compounding needed medications, so they frequently relied on older, less efficient formulas. However, the recent introduction of PCCA’s innovative new compounding base, SuspendIt Anhydrous, represents a significant advancement in the compounding world.

SuspendIt Anhydrous is a versatile, user-friendly base with several advantages over traditional anhydrous bases. It is designed to be completely homogeneous, which means that it should be evenly mixed and consistent throughout. This makes it easier to work with and ensures even distribution of the active ingredients. SuspendIt Anhydrous also has a unique “suspension” property that allows particles and active ingredients to remain in place over time without settling or separating. This is especially useful in compounded medications that contain insoluble or difficult-to-dissolve compounds, as it ensures that those compounds are distributed evenly throughout the medication and do not settle to the bottom of the container.

SuspendIt Anhydrous dissolves rapidly and easily in a wide range of solvents, including oils, alcohols, and propylene glycol. As a result, it makes an excellent base for a wide range of compounded medications, such as creams, lotions, capsules, and suppositories. Perhaps most importantly, SuspendIt Anhydrous is completely customizable, allowing compounding pharmacists to tailor their formulations to the specific needs of their patients. SuspendIt Anhydrous contains a natural sweetener, and the compounded medication can now be mixed with juice or water at the point of administration. The base can be adjusted to accommodate different types and concentrations of active ingredients, and it can be used to create a variety of dosage forms, such as capsules, tablets, creams, gels, and more.

SuspendIt Anhydrous represents a significant advancement for the compounding industry. By providing a more efficient and customizable anhydrous base, PCCA assists compounding pharmacists in creating better and more effective medications for their patients. SuspendIt Anhydrous is a trend to watch, whether you’re a compounding pharmacist looking to streamline your practice or a patient requiring a customized medication. Its distinct suspension properties, versatility, and customizability make it an excellent choice for pharmacists working to compound effective medications tailored to individual patients’ requirements. SuspendIt Anhydrous will play an important role in improving healthcare outcomes as the compounding industry evolves and adapts to meet patients’ needs.

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