Pharmacy OneSource, Inc., software as a service provider to more than 1,200 hospitals in the United States, announced that Universal Health Services, Inc. is implementing Amplifi to manage their formularies and communicate medication information throughout the hospital system and Quantifi to establish benchmarks and trending of clinical and quality pharmacy activities. Pharmacy OneSource, Inc. is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

Amplifi is a flexible, robust formulary management and pharmacy communications application with integrated drug information. It provides UHS with the most versatile, easy-to-use tool to manage, update, and communicate formularies in print, on the Web, and on handhelds.

"We want to use Amplifi as a tool for information that will be used by all healthcare providers at UHS, not just the pharmacy," said Howard Cohen, corporate director of pharmacy services for UHS. "We're putting in high-alert medications, black box warnings, links to other programs, and posting best practices. It will be a pretty robust tool for all our communications, more than just a formulary."

Quantifi allows UHS pharmacists to document their clinical interventions, adverse events and adverse drug reactions quickly over the internet or on a handheld computer through a series of menus, drop-lists, and input screens, collecting crucial event data easily. Quantifi users then have the ability to follow-up on their reports or the reports done by their peers. UHS administrators can easily generate executive level reports and detailed managerial reports to support clinical and quality improvement activities.

"With Quantifi, we want to improve the process for pharmacists to perform clinical interventions, and we want to be able to drill down on them to identify opportunities for improvement in patient care," said Cohen. "We're looking at how we can use this tool system-wide to improve therapies and identify problems."