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February 7, 2024

Antidepressant Use in Patients Taking Antiplatelet, Anticoagulant Therapy

The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor classes of antidepressants appear to be safe for most stroke survivors, even those on anticoagulant medications. Patients should not use antidepressants in combination with dual antiplatelet therapy, however, because of an increased risk of bleeding. Read more.


Options Limited When Fetuses Exposed to Teratogenic Drugs

New laws limiting abortions to early gestational age cutoffs have had unexpected consequences, according to a finding that unborn fetuses might be exposed to teratogenic medications before prenatal care begins. It is not unusual for the discovery to be made after the window for abortion has closed. Find out why mothers whose unborn children have had that exposure might have few options.

Gabapentinoid Prescriptions Continue to Grow Despite Unclear Indications

Prescriptions for gabapentinoids continue their steady increase, even though the drugs are prescribed primarily for off-label indications with limited evidence of benefits, according to a new study published in in The Annals of Family Medicine. Find out why the authors express concern because the drug class is so often prescribed concurrently with other CNS-active medication classes.


Immunizing Pharmacy Technicians Improved Workflow, Raised Satisfaction

Training pharmacy technicians to administer vaccines not only increased immunization volume somewhat, but it also helped pharmacy workflow and had an additional benefit: increasing pharmacist satisfaction with their jobs. Find out more details about what happened at pharmacies within a large midwestern supermarket chain when pharmacy technicians took on the immunization tasks.

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