Prescription Drugs and Pricing Transparency

At least 28 states have passed legislation to help consumers find high-value providers of low-cost care and services, but disclosure requirements vary broadly.

Acute Appendicitis in Adults

While a laparoscopic appendectomy is considered the standard of treatment for appendicitis, emerging evidence suggests antibiotic regimens alone may also be effective.

In Vitro Dissolution of FIRVANQ® Compared With Reference Listed Products for Vancomycin Hydrochloride

A clinical study showed that using a solution-based delivery formulation, such as FIRVANQ® 25 mg/mL, results in a greater drug availability in a shorter time frame.

Zebrafish Inform Atrial Fibrillation Strategy

Researchers in Denmark and Germany discover defects in the structure of the heart muscle and the mitochondria that function as the cell’s powerplant in test fish with AF, not the expected disturbances in ion channels that spread electrical signals.

Oral Agents for Treating Multiple Sclerosis

Several disease-modifying therapies impede progression of this chronic central nervous system disease, which affects approximately 3 million people worldwide. 

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