Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopausal Symptoms

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the most effective treatment for the vasomotor and genitourinary symptoms associated with menopause.

Applying Recent A1C Recommendations in Clinical Practice

The benefits of tight glycemic control must be balanced against the harmful effects of hypoglycemia, especially in patients with limited life expectancy or comorbidities.

Treatment Nuances for Kaposi Sarcoma in Older Adults

While classic Kaposi sarcoma occurs most often in older men of Eastern European and Mediterranean ancestry, an aggressive form occurs in Equatorial Africans, transplant recipients, and AIDS patients who have GI-tract involvement.

Prevalence of Infertility and Its Treatment Among Women

Fewer than 50% of women who could benefit from medical/behavioral services related to infertility receive such services.

Anhydrous Ointment for Diabetic Foot Ulcer

This preparation may be used in addition to debridement and oral antibiotic therapy.

Addressing Hypoglycemic Emergencies

It is important for diabetes patients and close contacts—including pharmacists and other healthcare providers—to recognize the symptoms of this medical emergency and initiate proper treatment.

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