Generic Drug Review June 2013

Biosimilars: The Long and Winding Pathway to Approval

Despite some legislative gains, U.S. generic drug manufacturers still lag behind Europe in exploiting this potentially lucrative market.

Cost Differences in Generic-Drug Discount Programs

One GDDP does not fit all, but studies show that these programs may reduce costs, increase compliance, and improve health outcomes.

How Generic Drugs Are Made

Pharmacists should understand the various criteria, such as rate and extent of absorption, for creating lower-cost, equivalent medications.

Q&A With Ralph G. Neas, President and CEO, GPhA

In a wide-ranging interview, the GPhA's leader addresses the critical issues facing its member organizations, including biosimilars, the Affordable Care Act, drug-abuse deterrence, and pay-for-delay practices.

Shifts in the Generic-Drug Market: Trends and Causes

A looming slowdown in patent expirations is forcing manufacturers to seek other revenue sources.

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