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Consult Your Pharmacist

OTC Supplements for the Management of High Cholesterol, 2:8
Proton Pump Inhibitors: Considerations With Long-Term Use, 7:4
Seasonal Affective Disorder: Focus on the Winter Blues, 11:8
Sorting Out Supplements for the Common Cold, 4:8
Urinary Tract Infections and Self-Care Options, 9:4

Contemporary Compounding

Amitriptyline HCl 2%, Carbamazepine 2%, Gabapentin 10%, and Ketoprofen 2% in Transdermal Pain Base, 3:46
Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0.05% in Normal Saline Bladder Irrigation, 8:47
Didanosine 10 mg/mL Oral Suspension, 6:47
Erythromycin 1% Topical Gel, 4:46
Ethambutol Hydrochloride Compounded Oral Suspension USP (100 mg/mL), 7:48
Furosemide 10 mg/mL Oral Suspension, 2:48
Memantine Hydrochloride 2 mg/mL Oral Solution, Thickened, 11:47
Nebivolol HCl 2.5 mg/mL and Valsartan 40 mg/mL Oral Suspension, 10:59
Progesterone 50 mg/g in VersaBase Cream, 9:47
Ranitidine Hydrochloride 25 mg/mL Syrup (Alcohol-Free), 12:47
Sucralfate 200 mg/mL and Nystatin 20,000 U/mL Oral Suspension, 1:56
Topiramate 20 mg/mL Oral Suspension, 5:46

Continuing Education

Antiepileptic Drugs for Epilepsy, 1:45*
Applying MTM to the Geriatric Cardiovascular Patient, 6:37*
Biological Medication Use in Crohn’s Disease, 12:38*
Erectile Dysfunction Review, 8:39*
HPV Infection and Warts: Review and Recent Updates, 4:37*
Increasing Awareness About Mumps and the Importance of Vaccination, 5:38*
Medication Use in Pregnancy, 9:39*
Osteoporosis in Women’s Health, 7:38*
Primary and Secondary Prevention of Heart Disease, 2:40*
Psychotropic Drug Interactions: A Review, 11:38*
Reviewing the Regulatory Landscape, 10:51*
Utilizing Non-Opioids for Chronic Pain in the Setting of an Opioid Epidemic, 3:38*

Diagnostic Spotlight

AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System, 11:36
Neuropsychiatric EEG–Based Assessment Aid System, 1:HS-25


Biosimilar Milestone, 10:4
Cause of Crohn’s Disease Uncovered?, 12:2
Cessation’s Secret Weapon, 7:1
Continuity Amid Change, 8:2
Focusing on Concussion, 1:1
Getting a Handle on HPV, 4:1
Healthy Customers a Hallmark of Success, 9:1
Legislating Medical Care, 3:1
Making the Most of MTM, 6:2
Putting Teeth Into the Opioid War, 11:4
Revisiting Vaccines and Autism, 5:2
Taking Patient Counseling to Heart, 2:1


Acute Pain Management in Patients With Opioid Tolerance, 3:28
Antiviral Therapy in Patients With Influenza, 4:32
Bed-Wetting: Approaches to Nocturnal Enuresis in Children, 5:32
Community Pharmacist’s Role in Managing Lower Back Pain, The, 8:35
Direct Oral Anticoagulants for the Prevention of Stroke in Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation, 2:32
Drug-Induced Hypersensitivity Reactions: Cutaneous Eruptions, 6:32
Exercise-Induced Headaches: Prevention, Management, and Treatment, 1:33
FDA-Approved Nonbenzodiazepine Receptor Agonists for the Management of Insomnia, 1:29
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Review of Treatment Options, 12:20
Looking at the Independent Pharmacy Landscape, 12:28
Management of Coronary Artery Disease and Chronic Stable Angina, 2:27
Managing Chronic Kidney Disease With MTM, 6:29
New Drug Review, 10:35
Nonoccupational Postexposure Prophylaxis (nPEP) for HIV, 4:29
Opioid-Induced Constipation: Clinical Guidance and Approved Therapies, 12:15
Overview of Gestational Diabetes, 10:47
Overview of the Management of Concussion, An, 1:37
Pharmacologic Management of Endometriosis, The, 9:12
Prevention and Treatment of Spider Bites, 8:29
Pumping It Up: New Advancements in Insulin Delivery, 11:Epub
Recognizing and Treating Venous Stasis Ulcers, 2:36
Review of the Diagnosis and Management of Pseudobulbar Affect, 11:31
Smoking-Cessation Services in Community Pharmacies, 7:27
Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitors: An Overview, 10:42
Trigeminal Neuralgia: A “Lightning Bolt” of Pain, 1:41
Urate-Lowering Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of Gout Flare, 3:33
Vocal Cord Dysfunction: An Often-Misdiagnosed Condition, 9:34
Whooping Cough (Pertussis), 5:15

Patient Teaching Aids

Arrhythmia, 2:13
Childhood Vaccinations, 5:13
Chronic Lower Back Pain, 3:11
Gastritis, 12:11
Lung Cancer, 7:9
Lyme Disease, 8:7
Mammography, 9:9
Muscular Dystrophy, 1:13
Norovirus, 4:13
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, 11:15
Polypharmacy, 6:11
Proton Pump Inhibitors, 10:13

Pharmacy Focus

Cardiometabolic Syndrome: A Global Health Issue, 2:HS-19
Diagnosing and Treating Mononucleosis, 5:7
Orthorexia: An Eating Disorder Emerges, 12:9

Pharmacy Law

DEA Changes Its Mind on Kratom, The, 3:7

Senior Care

Chronic Pancreatitis Pain: Opioid and Vitamin D Considerations, 12:6
Late-Onset Myasthenia Gravis: Fatigability and Fluctuating Weakness, 1:4
Medication Therapy Management: Status Overview, Innovation, and Practice Resources, 6:7
Migraine Headache: Connection to TIA and Ischemic Stroke?, 4:4
Myocardial Infarction in Women: Milder Symptoms, Aspirin, and Angioplasty, 2:5
U.S. Medical Product Integrity: Protecting Older Adults, 10:8


Apps Breathe Life Into COPD Patients, 9:Epub
Using Advanced Analytics to Develop New Therapeutic Approaches for Complex Neurodegenerative Diseases, 1:8


Comparative Characteristics of Hepatitis A, B, and C, 4:12
Epidemiology of Chronic Lung Diseases, 7:8
Health Consequences in Alzheimer’s Caregivers, 1:28
Incidence of Foodborne Illness, 12:14
MTM-Eligible Chronic Conditions Among Medicare Beneficiaries, 6:10
Prevalence of Obesity in Women, 9:8
Prevalence of Selected Health Conditions in Children, 5:12
Prostate Cancer Trends, 8:Epub
Reporting and Consequences of Adverse Events, 10:12
Trends in Prevalence of Mental Illness, 11:Epub
Use and Misuse of Prescription Pain Relievers, 3:6


Generic Drug Review, June

AAM Update on the Status of Generic Drugs
Appropriate Use and Safety Concerns of Proton Pump Inhibitors
Generic Drugs and Black Box Warnings: Critical Information for Patient Safety
Generic Drugs in the Pipeline: 2017 Update
Getting a Handle on Generic-Drug Prices
Overview of Generic Triptans for Migraine, An

Specialty Pharmacy, Oncology & Hematology

ALK-Positive Lung Cancer, May
Antifungal Prophylaxis for Immunocompromised Patients, July
Biosimilars in Oncology, February
Hemophilia Review, July
Identifying and Managing Depression in Transplant Patients, November
Navigating the Landscape of Biological Products, November
Pharmacotherapy of Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension, May
Pharmacotherapy Updates for Adult Soft-Tissue Sarcomas, February
Treating Asthma in the Pediatric Population, May
Two New Medications for Severe Eosinophilic Asthma, July



Addressing the Polypharmacy Conundrum, 6:HS-14
Carcinoid Syndrome Diarrhea, 12:HS-2
Chemotherapy Agents That Cause Cardiotoxicity, 9:HS-24
Clostridium difficile Infection: Emerging Therapies and Current Standards of Care, 12:HS-7
Eslicarbazepine and Other Treatment Advances for Focal Seizures, 1:HS-21
Gynecologic Cancers: What Every Woman Should Know, 9:HS-18
Hypophosphatasia: A Rare Disorder, 5:HS-27
Implementing MTM for COPD, 6:HS-21
Major Depressive Disorder With Mixed Features: Recognition and Management, 11:HS-24
Managing Abdominal Hernias, 8:HS-10
Managing Chronic Pain: A Review of the CDC Guidelines, 10:HS-31
Managing Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency, 5:HS-22
Metabolic Challenges in Mental Health, 11:HS-18
Necrotizing Soft-Tissue Infection: Disease Overview and Updated Treatment Strategies, 4:HS-16
Neuromuscular Blocking Agents: Use and Controversy in the Hospital Setting, 1:HS-16
Pearls and Pitfalls of Patient-Controlled Analgesia, 3:HS-24
Pharmacist’s Role in Pain Management During Transitions of Care, The, 8:HS-17
Pharmacist’s Role in the Treatment and Prevention of Acute Mountain Sickness, The, 7:HS-22
Review of Selected NMEs 2017, 10:HS-16
Travel-Related Infection in Children: Pretravel Counseling to Reduce Morbidity, 4:HS-21
Treatment Options in Managing Acute Perioperative Pain, 3:HS-14
Triple Therapy for a Cardiac Indication in a Veteran Population, 2:HS-22
Updated IDSA/ATS Guidelines on Management of Adults With HAP and VAP, 7:HS-12
Updated Treatment Options in the Management of Hyperkalemia, 2:HS-15

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